Mini Mystery Space Misa Plushy (Sold Out)

Mini Mystery Space Misa Plushy (Sold Out)

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Mystery Mini plushies featuring Miss Misa are back! Join Space Misa on her journey to other worlds. Explore 7 new extraterrestrial creatures, plus a super rare Spacesuit Misa plushy. It's a surprise which one you'll get!

👽 Alien Miss Misa
🛸 Prism Miss Misa
🌙 Lunar Miss Misa
☄️ Comet Miss Misa
☀️ Sun Miss Misa
💫 Shooting Star Miss Misa
⚫ Galaxy Miss Misa
👩‍🚀 Spacesuit Miss Misa (Super Rare)

⌛ Sold Out
The Mini Mystery Space Misa Plushy was a limited edition item and is now sold out. Thanks to everyone who ordered, you'll receive an email with tracking as soon as it ships!

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This item is currently a pre-order. It will start shipping  April 29 - May 4.

Plush Fabric, PP Cotton.

📐 Dimensions
4 × 3 × 4 inches (Height, Width, Length)

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