Made-To-Order Custom Suit (Pre-Order)

Made-To-Order Custom Suit (Pre-Order)

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Elevate your look with a custom made suit — embellished in nostalgic Teletubbies icons and typography for a suit that’s uniquely yours. Choose from 4 color fabrics. Tailored to fit you.

  1. After you checkout, a member from our team will contact you within 24-48 hours with a questionnaire.

  2. The questionnaire will take approx. 30 minutes to complete and will walk you through:

    Measurements – You will be asked to provide measurements of different areas of your body, along with outlining your general posture and attaching reference photos.

    Fabric / Design – You will have the opportunity to decide the base colour of the fabric for your suit! You will also have the opportunity to decide if you would like the pattern on the entire suit, or just the jacket.

    Design Details – You will be able to add design details to make the suit uniquely situated to your lifestyle (ie. hidden pockets for a phone or your initials on the cuff)

  3. Once we receive your measurements and design notes, the tailor will get to work making your suit!

  4. As a made-to-order suit is an art, not a science, there may be follow-up video consultations with the tailor himself to ensure the suit is perfectly fitted for you!

    This item is currently a pre-order. It will start shipping 10 - 14 weeks after your purchase.



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